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iPhone won’t turn on, won't charge, WATER DAMAGE – FIX IT YOURSELF

Many people have come to me often with common and easy to fix problems which can be fixed without any special tools, it can savesome money. On behalf of my expertise in fixing iPhones for over 5 years, I decided to write this article to provide a detailed guide how to fix simple and common problems without any special tools. The problems are iPhone turned off by itself and won’t respond to a click of any button, water damaged, and iPhone won’t charge.

The phone turned off by itself and won’t respond to buttons or computer/charger.

This is probably one of the most common and easy to fix problems. There are few reasons why would iPhone turn itself off. Recall all the times you dropped it, left it under the rain, overloaded with open applications or just haven’t updated to the latest IOS, and there are many other reasons when iPhone get stuck in black screen and won’t respond to charger, computer, or functional buttons.

To fix is by resetting => Hold the LOCK button + HOME button simultaneously for about 10 second. It should turn on and magic, it should work also! Otherwise, there is a big chance your phone is water damaged!

Phone won’t charge.

You and I may have this kind of problem. Plug the same charger into the phone and it won’t charge as it did. There are three common causes around the issues: broken cord, filthy, or rusted connector.

1) Make sure that your phone wont charge from different chargers. It is common that not original chargers break easily. So, this is first thing you should check.

2) Second common cause is filthy dock connector. Take a good look inside, make sure the connector clear of dust or other material which can prevent the charger to enter dock connector on its full deep. It is common when different parcels won’t let charger get straight or deep enough to start charging. You can use needle or toothbrush to clean it.

3) Third common cause is when the connector get rusted. Similar with the second problem, all you need is bring the phone to a bright light and take a look inside and then check if there are green stains. Perfume or toothbrush can be used to clean the connector. However, some time the rust is too deep or on another side of connector which cannot be reached. In this case, you will need a professional help.

Water damaged:

!!!!Remember!!!!! The phone should be dried before you try to charge or turn it on. Otherwise, it lowering chance that it will work.

Ask yourself what kind of liquid did cellphone exposed to, weather it is salty/chlorinated or non-salty/alcohol.

– In former case, there is no much you can do other than to bring it to a service center. There is a big chance that even after you dry it out salty/chlorinated, the phone will keep corrode until it will completely disable a phone. In order to fix such damage, the motherboard needs to be cleaned from salt and chlorinate.

– In latter case, first thing you should do is hold lock button and home button at the same time for about 8 sec, it will ensure the phone is off. Don’t try to charge or turn on the phone because it increases the damage. Next, you should take the sim-holder out.

– (If you have tools) Take off 2 screws on the bottom of the phone and take off the back cover of the phone. It will allow for air to get in and dry the moisture. Otherwise, it will take very long for the phone to dry. Just like Pepsi won’t evaporate from closed can. These are the reasons why sometime rice or other drying methods doesn’t help.

In order to increase your chance for success you should realistically evaluate how much water could get inside and spend proportional amount of time drying the phone. The absolute minimum is couple days in heat 40-70 C. If the phone have submerged completely under the water then you should spend 3-5 days. (With open back cover the process takes less time)

This increases your chance to success to its maximum!

1) Turn the phone off, don’t try to charge it.

2) Take out sim card holder/back cover lead.

3) Keep the phone in a warm place for a few days.

Now, there are quite a few problems can be fixed by an unskilled person.

Feel Free to ask and clarify any step from this manual and Merry Christmas

Another suggestion when you look for a fix, make sure that the people who write about the topic is an expert or at least a person with experiences. I wouldn’t suggest to look for a good solution on how to fix an iPhone at ask.com and similar websites whose specialization isn’t repairs. Instead, please look at the websites which focuses on fixing at electronics or cellphones.

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