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Experience is what sets us apart. Each year thousands of portable devices get fixed by our technicians at Banana Service. Over the years in business, we worked on devices with all imaginable problems. Why is this important? Because a comprehensive understanding of devices is necessary to deliver a consistent high quality service.

We understand that your device is important for you and you need it fixed as soon as possible. That is why we are happy to offer your one hour service. Due to the experience our technicians have, most repairs can be done within an hour*. *somerepairsmayrequireappointment.

All repairs are done up to the highest standards and this is why we are not afraid to offer warranty for all repairs and services we do.

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Galaxy s5 with cracked camera

Found this service on kijij and I have been there twice, once to sell my iPhone 4s which had a cracked screen but they still gave me a really good price on it. The second time I went back was review 1
James graham with 4th gen ipod touch 64gig

Dropped by new office on sherbrooke, battery would not hold a charge …had it fixed in less than an hour great price, great service review 2

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